Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Pickax Dream

In my dream (see post of March 26th), the pickax was buried up to the handle collar (the handle lying horizontal on the soil), sharp end down in a recently tilled farm field. It occurs to me that the field may represent Pemberton's hough, and that John Pemberton, blacksmith, of Thornton Hough, may have come into owership of George Pemberton's hough - thus the pick is in the hough. More likely, the pick is in Thornton Hough. The signature mark on the little bit of paper attached to the top end of the pick, must be that of someone linking this John to one of my George's.

I have completed the transcription of the Will of John Pemberton, Blacksmith, of Thornton Hough, 1664, proved 1669 and John gives his wife's name as Margery and his children as John, Robert, William, and Elline. John blacksmith must have been born between 1605 and 1635.

There is a family showing up in the baptisms in St Oswald, Chester, Cheshire of interest here. George Pemberton is the father of these children: George 1640, John 1642, Hester 1643, and Elizabeth 1644. Its about 12 crow miles from Chester to Thorton Hough, which is on the Wirral. Was this son John named after the blacksmith, an uncle maybe? I have to work this a bit. Maybe the father of George the first was a John?

The only record I have found of a Sarah Middleton, who married George Pemberton I, is in Nantwich, 1661, so this George baptised in 1640 would almost have to be George Pemberton the zeroeth, and his father George Pemberton the -1th (if they are indeed in the same lineage).

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