Sunday, April 24, 2011

George Pemberton, seller of silk, 1709

Classified Ad found in the ancient newspapers here:

On Thursday the 27th Instant, will be Sold at Bat-son's Coffee-house in Cornhill, at 3 a clock in the Afternoon, Sundry sorts of Raw and Thrown silk. Catalogues to be had at the Place of Sale. By Geo. Pemberton.
Daily Courant, London, England, Monday, January 24, 1709, Issue 2261.

So here is a George Pemberton dealing in exotic commodities that reminds me of green olives.
For sale by candle, or more often, sale by inch of candle, refers to an auction practice begun in the late 15th century wherein the last bid placed before a candle went out (normally by burning to completion) was the winning bid.

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