Saturday, February 13, 2010

Map of Middleton, Lancashire with Hall & Churches

Here is an 1848 map of Middleton, Lancashire. St Leonards church's label is right on top of the big "O" in the center of the map, Middleton Hall is about 3 of these "O's" below the "O", and St Michaels is between the black, bold "T" and "O" lower right. This "TO" is the beginning of Tonge. If our work proves that we are in the right place here, I will purchase this map on nice parchment paper.
Middleton is shown three times on this map because (I think) we are looking at Middleton town in Middleton Township in Middleton Parish.
Middleton Hall was torn down in 1845 and a large cotton mill built on the site. In the map we see a Cotton Mill: go north from the East end of the Hall, around the turn, take a left to the Mill.

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