Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Baptists & Quakers in Cheshire, 1650 - 1690

Reading A history of the Town and Parish of Nantwich or Wich-Malbank : in the County Palatine of Chester, printed for the author James Hall, Willaston, Nantwich, 1883. Found on ancestry.com here.
"On the 20th Nov. 1682, orders were published in the Churches of Ceshire to present all that come not to Church and to the Sacrament if above sixteen. (Philip Henry's Diaries, p. 319); and for a few years the Dissenters here, as elsewhere, were silenced; but when the Toleration Act of 1689 was passed, there were two distinct congregations of Protestant Dissenters in this town; namely, the Presbyterians, and the Baptists." pg 384.
"The Quakers suffered severe persecution in Charles II reign; and in 1685, it is said no less than 1,460 were imprisoned in England and Wales; and great numbers sailed to America, and settled in the newly founded Quaker colony of Pennsylvania, amongst whom were many from Cheshire, who probably built the city of Chester in that State... In 1721 there were thirteen Quaker families in Nantwich.–(Notitia Cestriensis)." pg 398.
The index of the book lists the following, which did not add anything exciting -
Middleton, Elizabeth, 341
________John, 202, 341
________Sir Thomas, 154-157,178n., 193

Pemberton, Ann, 362
_________John, 350
_________Richard, 341
_________William, 228

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