Monday, March 1, 2010

Searched Roger Whitley's Diary

Roger Whitley's Diary is a wonderful source of terse but intimate information about Chester, Cheshire in the years 1684 - 1697. Roger was a Cheshire gentleman of some influence and his diary is rich with names and, of course, dates. He was a Whig member of Parliament for Chester from 1689 to 1697.
I searched it for the following terms:
Pemberton, George Pemberton, Sarah Pemberton, Sarah Middleton, Quaker, Lloyd, Loyd [occurs 12 times], Brooks, Doctor Hall. Found nothing of any particular interest but also found it difficult to quit reading his diary - it is very interesting. I think it would be wise if Dixie would search the names she knows from early Virginia.

I saw a lot of Jackson's but no August Jackson.

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