Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Geography of the Georges

Here is a list of the places where the Cheshire Parish Registers and the Bishop's Transcripts and the Non-conformist records show George Pemberton events along with the numbers and types of such.
Aspull, Lancaster 1 Quaker Burial
On the Wirral (5 births) -----
Bidstone, Cheshire 1 Burial
St Oswald, Chester 1 Burial, 1 Baptism, 2 Marriages
West Kirby, Wirral 2 Baptisms, 1 Marriage
Great Budworth 1 Burial
Woodchurch 1 Baptism
St Hillary, Wallasey 1 Burial, 2 Baptisms, 2 Marriages
Chester (6 births) ------
Tarvin 1 Baptism
Leach, Chester 1 Burial
St Bridget, Chester 1 Baptism
St Marys, Chester 2 Burials, 3 Baptisms
Nantwich (5 births) ------
Wrenbury 1 Burial, 3 Baptisms
Marbury 1 Burial, 2 Baptisms
The George son of George combination occurs only at St Mary's and St Oswalds in Chester, and in Marbury, Nantwich. In Marbury, the Georges may go back farther - there is a Georgius christening in 1596 - father is Hugonis and the mother is Maria Lloyd.

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