Saturday, April 17, 2010

Research Done at Chester, Cheshire Record Office

Read 6 Pemberton wills: Myles or Great Meols (Wirral), mariner 1631; Thomas, Nantwich, yoeman, 1673; Henry, Denwall (Wirral), mariner, 1677; Robert, Norbury (Nantwich), 1683; Robert, Wrenbury (Nantwich), yeoman, 1697 (this had some interesting name so I bought a copy); and William, Norbury (Nantwich), yeoman, 1711. Could not open a fragile, tightly wound will of William, Coole Pilate, 1689; Record office may have it ready Monday.

Also checked Quaker records microfilm for Pemberton and Middleton.

Chester is an ancient port! The river Dee(?) has silted in greatly so only small vessels can navigate it now but in the 17th century, large ships came into the docks at Chester.

Found nothing exciting today. Still have to read a book on the ancient parish of Bidstone, check some more wills, look for deeds in Stapley, and

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