Sunday, May 23, 2010

Decisions about Research

I have been away from this for a month and got back to it today at the Genealogical Library in Salt Lake City. In reviewing my data, I see the following in regard to the three sets of George son of George:
1. The George Pemberton, baptised in Marbury, 13 Feb 1685, shows a mother Alice, not Sarah. If I sort the thousands of names I have into families, I see this George and Alice had several children (her name appears with all these) between 1685 & 1700. The oldest child is George so this cannot be my family, even if there was a prior marriage. If George had a wife before Alice, and named a son George and he was still living, they would not have named one of Alice's sons George. If Alice's George died and was replaced by a son of a second wife (who would have to be Sarah), the earliest possible birth is 1702 which would make George 16 when he had his first child in Virginia. It just doesn't work.
2. The George christened 30 Sept 1661 at St Mary's in Chester, has only one sibling, Thomas, christened 13 Feb 1662, four and a half months later.
3. The George christened 3 May 1640 at St Oswald's in Chester, has four siblings, John, Hester, Elizabeth and Anna, christened in 1642, 1643, 1644, and 1646. This George is too old to be our George II but he could be our George I. (The scrapbook says George II named his daughters Ann, Judith and Sarah.) However, there is a George Pemberton fathering a family in this same parish a generation later with two children Martha and William christened in 1666 and 1668.
4. There are 17 George baptisms/christenings in the parish records of Cheshire between the earliest in 1596 and 1751. One third of these have no father information, one forth of them have a George father. Only one other christian name occurs more than once among these George christenings: Joseph (occurs twice).

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