Saturday, May 1, 2010

Registered Pemberton Surname for a One-Name Study

I joined the Guild of One-Name Studies a couple weeks ago and today took the plunge to register Pemberton and formalise what I had already started - the compilation of all the family history and genealogical data available relating to people with the Pemberton Surname. Luckily, there is no imposed deadline as to when this has to be completed.

My motivation is two-fold: first, I enjoy this sort of work, and extracting data in bulk somehow makes more sense to me than looking for one at a time (maybe a symptom of a vocational disease I contracted years ago), and second, and more important; I have been deeply impressed as I have researched the name and particularly as I have met distant cousins in England, with the kind of people they always seem to be: down to earth, honest, independent, driven by principle more than convenience, and religious. I think it can be a wonderful blessing to thousands of Pemberton, many yet unborn, to know what kind of people they come from and to understand the feelings that course through their hearts as they deal with the vicissitudes of life.

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