Monday, January 11, 2010

Possible Pemberton Families in Cheshire, UK

This is a little spreadsheet where I have collected the more promising finds from the Cheshire Parish Register Transcription Project and's Non_Parochial BMD data and combined them.
The potential family tree this data suggests goes like this:
Lines 60 - 63 is the oldest family group (Note the father is John). Line 61 of this family -
is the father of the family group lines 50 -56. Line 54 of this group -
is the father of the family group lines 27 - 47. Line 34 -
is the father of the family group lines 20 - 24. Line 20 -
is our progenitor George who married Sarah Middleton, line 69
It is interesting to note that if this tree is correct, the John Pemberton father (lines 60 - 63) is right where we might expect him in chronology. The Pennsylvania Pembertons arrived there a century before ours arrived in Virginia and there were many John's among them. There are none in my direct line, and only one anywhere (a brother to my direct line Robert L).

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