Monday, January 18, 2010

Tentative Pemberton Families in Cheshire Published

I have fabricated marriage records from burials (leaving the burial date in the record) and added them to the baptismal records to create one file named PemBaptMarr. Marriage records come in three types:
1. marr - a true marriage record extracted directly from marriage records
2. mard - a fabricated marreage record created by duplicating a burial record that had mother data in it
3. mars - a fabricated marriage record created by copying burial records where the wife was the new widow and the"burier".
I sorted this data by date, then in descending order of the record type (to put marriages ahead of baptisms, then on the father's standardized forename to create tentative family groups. By scanning down the father's forename column you see all the records with the same father's Christian name in a group. The marriages where that father would appear as a husband will be before the baptisms.
You can see the sorted file here.
For details on how this was done, see the file aReadMe.txt in the Cheshire Parishes Project folder.
Note: Feb 21, 2010 I republished this file because the old file had some records missing. The new file also has a new column of standard forenames for the fathers/grooms so the family groups are less fragmented by different spellings. The down side is, of course, that some formerly separated groups are now merged into one family. The forename of record is also there so you can sort that out.

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